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Spinal Decompression for back pain, neck pain and related conditions.

Our professional clinicians treat most back and neck pain with manual non-surgical therapies to help their condition improve.


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Salam Tower, 5th Floor Yeka Subcity, Ethiopia

Opening Days: Monday - Saturday

About Kino

Kino Physiotherapy is an outpatient based medical facility to treat people who need rehabilitation for their functional regain and pain relief. We are based in Ethiopia specializing in Non-surgical, Neurological Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Pain management.

We have specialists in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation who closely work together with our certified and highly skilled physiotherapists to provide patients with a high quality of care and treatment.

Kino Physiotherapy never compromise(s) quality and standard of approaching the client in order to offer the best treatment.

Put back pain behind you.
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Physiotherapy in Ethiopia,
                        Physiotherapy in Addis Ababa, 
                        Best Physiotherapy in Ethiopia
Physiotherapy in Ethiopia,
                            Physiotherapy in Addis Ababa, 
                            Best Physiotherapy in Ethiopia

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Kino Physiotherapy as yourhealthcare provider of choice. Read the following options below to find out more:

Our Expertise

Our reputation for outstanding clinical care, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, and a continuous investment in advanced technologies and facilities ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We work with experienced consultants and healthcare specialists from across regions

Cost-efficient Quality Care

Kino Physiotherapy is committed to providing effective, high quality, cost-efficient healthcare to our people, so you can feel confident knowing you are receiving the highest levels of patient care available


Our patients have access to a wide range of treatment options. We offer treatments using the best non-surgical procedures that accommodates our patients needs.

Personalized Care

Providing personalized care to provide the most comfortable healthcare experience, is the very culture in our clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be comfortable during treatment?

    Yes, its is safe, very gentle and patients feel relaxed during treatment; they wear ergonomic harnesses to support their body whilst on the machine and remain fully-clothed throughout.

  • Typically not. Some patients may experience a temporary soreness after treatment; a sign that muscles have been worked in a new way. Cold therapy at the end of treatment sessions reduces any discomfort of this kind.

  • Yes, although patients are advised not to travel for more than half an hour afterwards as any more than this could be counterproductive to the therapeutic effects of the treatment.

  • Patients usually have a series of treatments spread over a number of weeks. As all conditions are different, some patients may feel a symptomatic improvement after a few sessions but for most, the long-lasting therapeutic changes are progressive and take a number of weeks to achieve.

  • Patients who have had surgery can have treatment provided that the procedure was not within the previous six months (to allow for complete healing) and there are no surgical implants.

  • Yes. The goal of the Therapy treatment programme is to improve mobility, relieve pain and create a platform for normal daily activity. As treatment progresses you will be given gentle exercises to perform and shown how to look after your back properly. Exercise and activity are an important part of long-term rehabilitation